Save on training use Water Mist Extinguisher

Water Mist extinguisher

Water Mist Fire Extinguisher has E – Pulsator technology inside, designed to tackle types A, B, C, E, F, types of fire and is fully approved by BSI & LPCP

This is the most environmentally friendly mixed risk fire extinguisher on the market, this extinguisher uses demineralised water, the extinguishers supersonic nozzle disperses microscopic “dry” water mist particles to suppress fires, extinguishing burning materials and has a long discharge time of 65 seconds. Offices, General Buildings, Factories, Workshops,Warehouses and Kitchens will benefit from this new development, offering a safer way of fire fighting

The simplicity of Water Mist extinguishers is the fact that one extinguisher deals with all risks, a 35kv test has been carried out to ensure that they can safely be used on electrical equipment up to 35000volt. These are the first extinguishers that can tackle general fires as well as deep fat fryer and gas fires, professional kitchens used to have at least two types of extinguisher but now they need one type of extinguisher -water mist.

This extinguisher is the green choice, as no chemicals are involved, it leaves no residue, has no harmful substances, eliminates inhalation risks associated with powder in smaller spaces such as caravans, boats and confined spaces, if the extinguisher is used by vandals, there is no risk to life or health. Water Mist extinguishers reduce the cost of training,

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