Fire Risk Assessment

Fire Risk Assessment

First and foremost it is the law, undertaking a fire risk assessment is a legal requirement.

It is a positive step and should be looked upon as such.
Not only will it ensure that the responsible person is able to comply with the fire safety order and give peace of mind that you are doing what is required to protect those in your premises, it will also help ensure business continuity should a fire occur.

It is a fact that 70% of all businesses that suffer a significant fire do not recover, and by identifying risks within your premises, you are protecting your business in addition to your employees.

It is thought that over half of all business do not have a current fire risk assessment in place.

If the worst should happen, what do you think the first thing your insurance company will ask for? That’s right a copy of your current fire risk assessment.

Do not give your insurance company any reason to refuse a claim.
Be compliant, contact M R Fire Protection

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