Common Causes of Fire & Business Fire Safety

1. Electricity

Neglect and misuse of wiring and electrical appliances

2. Refuse/rubbish

Accumulating in work/storage areas

3. Smoking

Discarded cigarettes, matches, inadequate ashtrays.

4. Heaters

Portable heaters can be knocked over, poorly sited or inadequately  guarded. All heaters could overheat if obstructed.

5. Hazardous goods

Includes materials such as paints, adhesives or other chemicals.

6. Arson

By mischievous children and adult fire raisers, facilitated by ineffectively secured buildings.

7. Specific hazards

Machinery in dusty environments, heated equipment (e.g. soldering irons), blow lamps, cutting and welding equipment, flammable liquids.

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