Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

As with any industry, there are companies that will take advantage of your lack of knowledge of the finer details. And the fire extinguisher trade has their fair share. But, there are plenty of reputable firms to pick from.

There are, in essence, three levels of maintenance companies:

The cowboys – their main service tools are a duster and a pen. You may be amazed at how many service engineers have never been trained or been on a refresher course. More often than not, their price would be the lowest for the basic service cost but this prevents them doing the job properly as they cannot earn any money by being thorough

The commission earners – the biggest source of complaints – many service companies pay commission for all parts and tests along with commission for selling new or replacement equipment. They then add daily or monthly monetary targets and daily units serviced to be reached. This will add up to high invoices year after year. They may use extra pressure to get the order done and dusted on the spot, such as “what if a Fire Officer visited you tomorrow? He could close you down” Does this sound familiar to you?

The genuine service company – who just do exactly what is required and they do it well.

  1. Don’t assume that large well known companies are the best as the technicians often have targets to meet
  2. Use a local company M R Fire Protection
  3. Only use a engineers that are properly trained
  4. Only use companies that are fire extinguisher specialists – avoid general maintenance companies
  5. Insist that the technician gives advance notice of the service visit and that he gets an official signature from your management at the end
  6. Never, ever enter into any agreement that is longer than 12 months and that needs anything more than a months notice

7.  If your maintenance company is not playing ball and your invoices seem to be consistently high, change to another company.

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